Start Your Own Home Based Desi Boutique


This is the era of fashion and trends, fashion has became a fast growing business, with over millions of weddings taking place in the subcontinent, United Kingdom and additionally in the United States.

Facts That Will Open Your Eyes!

Every year, fashion conscious ladies spend billions on their clothing, which is more than their needs and are only a means of looking up to date in the society. This prospect is perfect to enter in the fashion market and you could be a part of this exciting new concept of being a designer or having your own business.

PakCollection.Com is an ultimate website to assist you to start your own home business enterprise and to help you out in an exciting planet of fashion! PakCollection.Com is waiting for your decision to start your journey towards the world of glamor.

By starting a home based boutique you can earn a lot even 50 to 60% profit and can be a famous personality in your family and gatherings.

If you have unique and exclusive designs anyone could be your client even if form other countries but your clothes and accessories should be perfect and different from those selling in the market.

The idea of having a home boutique is really profitable for you if you are a house wife you just have to spend a little time on it and had a great profit. So get ready for having a home boutique and get the most exclusive designers dresses, formal, bridal and party wear dresses and accessories from PakCollection.Com and you could make enough money from your home-based boutique.

How to Begin?

  • Contact us to become a home-based combine colleague.
  • Sign our consulting agreement.
  • Send us your queries for your required items and we’ll set your stock.
  • Setup your household stock.
  • Start advertising and selling stuff through your house based boutique.

How we will Help You?

  1. Dedicated PakCollection.Com team member with a prosperity of awareness and experience to help you and guide you in your home base business.
  2. To manage your account by email, calls and telephones.
  3. We provide massive range of stuffs from clothing and accessories.
  4. We know what items are most demanded, what sizes to pay for. So you would get items that are being paid quick response. Only PakCollection.Com knows how to manage your demands and supplies.
  5. We will provide you on priority basis, the high end latest collection of Pakistani Fashion industry at rates on which no other can provide!
  6. You would also be selling fashionable bridal, formal, evening, party and casual dresses and accessories that are specially designed. Most of them are ready for delivery within 10 to 12 days.

Guide On Setting Up A Home Based Boutique

You will need some space with show cases, chairs, mirrors all around and a dressing room. You could buy them it should not be much expensive but should look trendy and stylish because, all the stuff shows the image of your boutique so try to avoid using second hand items because they will make your clothes and stuff look down market. The clothes are exclusive from PakCollection.Com, so they have to be shown in a nice atmosphere.

It is not necessary that all the stuff would be sold in one day. There will be a superior earnings scope on much more expensive stuff but you would sell it seldom. A perfect and easy way to increase your income is to stock the stuff which are suggested by PakCollection.Com. If you will act on so you would get more than your expectations.

Do I require Any Experience For Starting A Boutique?

Like most of the business, you don’t need any degree or specific training to start a home-based boutique. Nor you require any previous familiarity to run this business because fashion trends changes day to day .You should have a good knowledge of colors, style, and having knowledge of matching colors and designs to look good together, what they can wear and what will make your costumer look groomed.

Our Promise!

We will support you to establish your profit margin, style and size. Feel free to get in touch with us any time with your confusions or queries. Keep in mind that each region can only have one PakCollection.Com affiliated home-based boutique so get in touch today to make sure you are the first to have links with PakCollection.Com for a better future and bigger income.